A new Vice President Education

I received a request from my Toastmaster club’s President.

Would I concider to become the club’s vice president education?

Of course I enquired, why me? They (the board at Stadi Talkers, that is) had for some reason found me motivated… Well, I don’t know about that, the first year as a Toastmasters member hadn’t been easy, and I had had my serious doubts about the whole Toastasters business as I was not sure how to fit in.

But then, don’t ask me what happened, I decided to activate myself from being an abscent paying member to an active member. I had also decided to join another Toastmasters club here in the Helsinki region.

The current VP education had to step down for an undisclosed personal reason, but given it a thought, I decided to accept the nomination.

The fellow folks at Stadi Talkers decided to trust me. So here I was, a brand new Vice President Education, with very little knowledge what the hell I had given myself into…

Fast forward a few months. I made it, somehow. A bumpy ride it was.

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