An unexpected encounter… another one

Hey, my tiny audience

There seem to be a red line here … Walk your life with open eyes and you never know what comes up.

An associate at work told me she was to go to a birthday party to a friend of hers, and I learned this birthday lady had her place quite close to mine.

We agreed to go to some of the water holes at the shopping center to have a chat and a beer (or three).

I came up with the brilliant idea, what if I’d tag along to that party. We whatsapp’ed the hostess, received an ‘Aye’, and off we went to this rather nice flat. Already at six in the evening, the music was rather loud, and there was at least 15 persons squeezed into this one bedroom flat.

It was located at the 8th floor, and what a view! This location had a clear advantage when someone later that evening noted there was a firework somewhere in the direction of downtown Helsinki. We didn’t hear any booms or bangs, but it was beautiful.

I had brought some beer I had purchased from the store, and there was some booze available for anyone who wanted.

The folks at the party was mainly ladies, and some dudes poped in later. I didn’t know any of the folks on site, and the loud music made any kind of conversation quite impossible. The tiny kitchen was more calm, I spent a fair amount of time in that space.

Some lady at the laptop played music from Youtube featuring Paula Koivuniemi, Queen, Jenni Vartiainen. (Poor neighbors, they did probably get their own share of the boom-boom…)

The flat was pretty much identical to a two bedroom place I had been interested in purchasing. The one I was looking at had one more room and a walk-in closet. The kitchen and bathroom space, respectively, was equally small, and now in retrospect I am happy that I chose this place over that other one — here at my Keinutie place, I have a full size kitchen with space for a decent table.

After some hours my fellow associate wanted to leave, she needed to get home to son and husband, and I decided to leave at the same time.

I could have walked home, less than a kilometer to my own place; I decided instead to tag along, we took the subway to downtown Helsinki and went for a drink at some club before her bus back to her own town was ready to leave.

The doggone subway wasn’t operating at that hour, needed to take the bus back to my hood. At that hour, the buses takes the scenic route via Herttoniemi, Roihuvuori, Itäkeskus…

Thanks, Ms P, for accepting my presence at your crib. Happy birthday!

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