Compact Easter

At the house in Jämsä.

Doing some last second adjustment to my upcoming Toastmasters speech. Rehersing it as well, of course. A little bit tense feeling with it, not quite happy with it but I’ve decided it’ll have to do. William K @ Annankatu Helsinki, april 1st. Be there or you’ll miss it.

Visited the next door cafeteria Suinutupa. The ever-so-friendly landlady, Sari, had made some nakkikeitto and I decided to have some. Very tasty, the right amount of salt and pepper.

Some woods had to me carried from the outhouse… Will be useful when it’s time to roast some sausage after the evening sauna.

Hooked up my old Android phone to the laptop — lo and behold: Elisa has tweaked the network out here, now we’re talking 3G!

Suppose Sonera is just about to loose a customer. Some more months and the 24 month contract is finished. Well, the Sonera connection is becoming redundant anyway, as the house is in a few months to get hooked up to a fibre network.

The dog disappeared, was nowhere to be found. I knew he is in the house, probably sleeping somewhere. Found him in the bed — he had dug himself a cave under one the pillows. Well, be there old boy, if you like the place.

The best gift to mankind is certainly the sauna. Thank you, Kalevala-playing forefathers, for this great invention.

Tomorrow I shall have to load the car with the pretty well worn-out summer tyres and head back for Helsinki. Need to be at work saturday.

Come friday, the car will get a fresh set of tyres. Man — had no idea tyres are this expensive. 400+ euro bye-bye…

This is a short version of easter — a kind of compact easter.

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