Club Visits

For information about the Virtual Support Sessions, scroll down a little.

The Pathways Guide needs to visit each of his or her assigned clubs at least once.

Here you find the list of Club Visits, gone and upcoming.

When Who What
18 Jan 2018 — Peter — Done Tallinn
23 Jan 2018 — Shawn and Peter — Done Vaasa At the Vaasa Library at Kirjastonkatu, Vaasa
27 Jan 2018 — Shawn and Peter — Done At the Club Officers Training, Sello Library, Leppävaara, Espoo (Not counted as a club visit for no Guide)
1 Feb 2018 — Shawn and Peter — Done Tampere
10 Feb 2018 — Shawn and Peter — Done Northern Stars Venue: Sanomatalo
12 Feb 2018 — Peter — Done Stadin Sanasepät Venue: Dubliner
14 Feb 2018 — Shawn and Peter — Done MiB Venue: Ruoholahden Nuorisotalo Koralli
19 Feb 2018 — Peter — Done Stadi Talkers Venue: Oluthuone Lehto
21 Feb 2018 — Peter — Done Finlandia Venue: Oficina Española de Turismo en Helsinki, Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 6A 2nd floor, Helsinki. See their website
22 Feb 2018 — Peter — Done Virtual Speakers This brick-and-mortar club meets at two locations simultaneously. The presentation is delivered at the Espoo Kone building (Keilasatama 3 Espoo) and broadcasted to the Hyvinkää location
28 Feb 2018 — Peter — Done Microsoft Keilaranta 1 Espoo
20 Mar 2018 Pathways Roll Out DONE!
12 Apr 2018 — Peter — Done Helsinki

Virtual Support Sessions

These sessions will be held online using the Zoom online meeting platform.

Zoom is free for meeting participants. The client is available for a whole array of devices, from small smart phones to tablet computers to laptops to heavy duty tabletop computers.

Before your first Zoom sessions, have a test session to check out your audio and video works properly. During your test session you will get the proper client software downloaded to your device.

The sessions will open up at least 15 minutes before the meeting starts, for a meet-and-greet session, and with the opportunity to check your equipment is working properly.

For those who prefer to call in on a voice line only, using your old times telephone, there is an option for you too. The access numbers for Finland is +358942451488, Estonia +3728801188. Those of you choosing this way of participation, please note that phone charges will be paid by the participating party. Please consult the Zoom web site to find details about phone charges.

All Virtual Support Session meeting times are expressed in EET, Eastern European Time, observing Daylight Saving Time when applicable.

There will be (at least) 15 Virtual Support sessions.


When Theme / Other details
Sunday 25 March 2018 18:00-19:00 Session #1 — The Pathways Club Visit

General information for those who weren’t able to participate when your Pathways Guide visited your club.

Sorry. No recording available.

Monday 2 April 2018 20:00-21:00 Session #2 — The Ten Paths

In Pathways, you will need to do at least two of the ten different Paths to get your DTM, Distinguished Toastmaster.

How can you tell which Paths to choose?


At the meeting, two different .pdf files were presented:

Additionally, for reference, the details about the Pathways Icebreaker project.

A recording is made available.

Wednesday 18 April 20:00-21:00 Session #3 — What’s the main problem at the moment? General questions with discussion.

Questions you may have? Problems?

Mail me at

Tuesday 1 May 20:00-21:00 Session #4 — A very interesting discussion with a very little group.
Tuesday 8 May 20:00-21:00 Session #5 — Pathways Virtual Support Session #5

Agenda: A speaker gives his/her speech. What about the evaluation part? How is that taken care of? General questions and discussion about any topics thrown from the floor.

Tuesday 15 May 20:00 – 21:00 Session #6 — How will you find various things in Basecamp

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

On your telephone, dial
Estonia: +372 880 1188
Finland: +358 (0) 9 4245 1488
Meeting ID: 456 375 496
(Additional numbers available:

To be decided Session #7 — To be decided
To be decided Session #8 — To be decided
To be decided Session #9 — To be decided
To be decided Session #10 — To be decided
To be decided Session #11 — To be decided
To be decided Session #12 — To be decided
To be decided Session #13 — To be decided
To be decided Session #14 — To be decided
To be decided Session #15 — To be decided

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